Provide you with a more forward positioning

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These bikes ride a great deal more easily over rocks, Electric Bikes Wholesalers branches, and other small obstacles, however, they are also quite good for road riding as well. Additionally, some of the better types of mountain bike - for serious off-road cyclists - have suspension systems for greater shock-absorption. Keep in mind, though, the design is for off-road, so you may not find that it is ideally suited to your needs if your intention is primarily for paved surfaces. Mountain bikes are specifically meant for off-road biking, such as locations with rugged terrain, or in areas that are mountainous. For mountain bikes, prices usually start at approximately $400.A mountain bike is very rugged and is designed to withstand extreme amounts of abuse. As with all bicycle prices, this range varies greatly as a result of brand, features, and other contributing factors. These bikes work well in the rain and various other trying weather conditions. This is great for riders that like to bike off the road, because as anyone who has tried off-road cycling knows, those repeated sharp bumps and hard landings can get a bit hard on the body after a while. As well, handlebars are flatter, to provide you with a more forward positioning; meaning that you will have a better grip on the handlebars for greater ease of "hanging on" as well as steering in even the most awkward circumstances. The tires for mountain bikes are fat and knobby to facilitate traction, and make your ride more stable, and possible even along the most difficult terrain. The gears are within a low range, making climbing hills an easier feat to accomplish. The frames and other components that comprise a mountain bike are a great deal stronger than other popular types of bicycle. Most mountain bikes have 26" wheels, and between 21 and 27 gears. Popular brand names of Mountain Bikes include: Cignal Schwinn Marin Trek Raleigh Mongoose K2 Kona Diamondback Cannondale Iron Horse

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