Need to keep your lawn in shape for years to come

27. june 2018 at 5:45 | escooter
You've just purchased your new home and it came with an expansive patch of green grass known as a lawn. But first, you have some major and minor purchases to make. When buying a hose, you don't need the most expensive, but definitely not the cheapest. String trimmers come in electric and gas powered. Since you care about curb appeal, and the opinion of your neighbors, you purpose to have a golf course lawn all year long. Sprinklers and Hoses Watering the lawn is important too.5 horsepower and has both bag and mulch features. Most homeowners can get away with an electric corded blower for about $30, but if your lawn is larger and you have multiple large trees, you may decide to invest in a back-pack blower that packs more power for around $500. It will cost you around $60 but will last a lifetime. These come in handheld models, push models and tractor pulled models. Make sure your mower is at least 5. You can spend anywhere from $125 to over $1,000 or more for this tool, and it will probably be the most expensive tool in your garage. This will minimize water lost to drift and evaporation. Before you close on your new house, consider adding these basic lawns tools to your garage collection. The Weed Whacker Also known as a string trimmer, the weed whacker is the tool that gives your lawn the clean edges that will set it apart. Gas powered trimmers are more mobile but cost more to operate and give off fumes and more noise. If you buy a push spreader, look for one with ebike air filled rubber tires and a metal frame. Here are the basic tools you'll need to keep your lawn in shape for years to come. The Lawn Mower You need this one not only to keep the manicured look, but also to avoid fines from your city of township for an overgrown lawn. You should buy at least 2 medium duty hoses in varying lengths so you can run 2 sprinklers simultaneously to save time. There are also cordless rechargeable trimmers available that will do a fine job for smaller homes. Impact sprinklers are the most common and are adjustable to cover just about any size or shape area. Power Sweeper or Blower This may not seem like a necessity, but if you live in a part of the country where trees lose their leaves in fall, your blower will come in very handy. Choose a sprinkler that keeps the water in large droplets and low to the ground. I always recommend using a broadcast-style spreader and NOT a drop spreader as the broadcasting type offer more even coverage and are easier to use. A metal-bodied impact sprinkler will cost you about $10. There is nothing worse than a lawn that is cut but not edged or trimmed along driveway and fence lines. Fertilizer Spreader All beautiful lawns need fertilizer and weed control, and the best way to deliver these products is through a spreader. A good quality walk behind mower with self propulsion will run you around $300.

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