Many leading brands offering electric showers

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It is important to note here that the valves of a manual shower mixer do not maintain a constant temperature if the flow of water to the shower is Moreover, a power shower cannot be used with mains pressure cold water, unvented heating systems, and with combination boilers.5kw and 8. One place where you could buy a quality electric shower and many other electrical products at competitive prices is alertelectrical. You have plenty of choices when it comes to Galaxy Aqua Range of showers. There are many leading brands offering electric showers as well as other types of showers. You are only heating the water you use for a very short period of time which makes it quite an economical option.Electric showers are very economical and more and more people are opting for them as they offer many advantages over other types of shower system. The Galaxy range of electric showers is also called the Aqua range. It heats the water instantly as and when required. This means the shower water temperature could either rise or fall sharply. So an electric shower which operates independently of the existing heating system is a much more convenient option. It merely pumps water from the existing hot water tank as well as from the cold water tank to produce a high pressure shower. Electric Scooters Factory This means, the shower will work even when the central heating system in your home is switched off or is out of action. One name that deserves a special mention is Galaxy. .5kw. These problems do not arise with electric showers which illustrates their advantages. One of the main advantages of the electric shower is that they can save you money because of the way they work. An electric shower can be fitted into any domestic water system. This can be rectified with the additional cost of a thermostatic mixer shower but these are many times the cost of electric. This is why they are also known as instantaneous showers. No wonder, more and more people today prefer to opt for this convenient and economical shower option to keep their utility bills to the minimum. If you want that ultimate style coupled with power packed performance, you could opt for the Galaxy Aqua 2000 instantaneous electric shower. Similarly, a mixer shower mixes cold and hot water from your existing heating system to achieve the desired temperature. By avoiding the traditional method of heating a whole tank of water, you are not wasting any energy. It is very popular for its compact and simple design. An electric shower offers maximum convenience to its user, as it operates independently of the central heating system. On the other hand, if you choose to install a power shower instead, be advised that it would not heat the water. You could opt for the Galaxy Aqua 1000 instantaneous electric shower which is available in 7.

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