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If you have a larger garage or shop, you should look for a shop heater or industrial shop heater since these can accommodate larger areas. What's the best heater for the garage for the average person? The best option are the wall mount electric garage heaters. You can also go with a wall mounted or ceiling mounted solution. Overhead heaters for the garage are the easiest to work with since they are out of the way and don't take up any floor space. They are also the easiest to install and you have a constant source of power, your electricity. . They can be safely used when vented properly, but if you do not know how to do this, this isn't the best model China Pedelecs Factory for you. There are propane, natural gas, and electric garage heaters. If you are going for a portable option, use a floor heater. If it's not as cold, you can turn one or two of them off and control the temperature a little better. Electric heaters don't require a vent so they can be used indoors.Residential garage heaters are one of the best ways of heating your shop or garage during the colder months of the year. Most residential garage heaters are made for one or two car garages. How to get the right size? Getting the proper size for most residential garages is easy. So if you have a garage around 500-700 feet, a heater labeled as a garage heater should suit your needs. While it may sound easy to just buy any heater and use it for heat, there are some very important things you should realize first before purchasing or using a garage heater. There are a variety of types The first type to identify is the heater by it's fuel source. Propane and natural gas heaters require the use of a vent so that the emissions will not be in the air you are breathing inside. Another solution is to get more than one wall mounted heater if you have an area that is larger than the average two car garage. Of course you should always read the directions to make sure the heater is approved for indoor use. For those that don't know how to vent their heater, an electric heater for the garage is the best option. Overall they are the safest since you don't have to worry about venting the gases like in propane heaters and they are out of the way so you won't trip over them or accidentally touch them. Should I use the ceiling, walls, or floors? Besides different fuel sources, there are different types of garage heaters as well.

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