Chose a traditional rear-mounted baby bike carrier

4. june 2018 at 4:46 | escooter
Your baby will be more restless unable to see where they are going, throwing their weight about to see around you. We weren't happy with our baby sitting at "exhaust height" - we quickly settled on a baby bicycle carrier - or a bicycle mounted child carrier - to give it it's serious name. So after trying a trailer and discarding it and we chose a traditional rear-mounted baby bike carrier for our 12 month old baby.We purchased over a period of a couple months, trialled and discarded two common ways of cycling with our 12 month old daughter before settling on a solution - I intend this story will guide you to avoid making the same mistakes we made.. Finally - ever considered getting off a bike with a rear-mounted carrier - as you try to lift your leg over chances are you'll kick your baby in the face . very common, mass produced in China. In addition to these "care" concerns are the obvious practicalities of ease of use and balance. we'll sing songs, count doggies, guess colours, China Pedelecs Factory play I-Spy, we're interacting, all things we couldn't do in a rear-mounted carrier. * Rear-Attached - Numerous similar brands - Topeak, Humax, etc etc. For both Mums & Dads, getting back onto a bike after the arrival of a new baby is a fantastic low-impact way to allow your partner a little "me time" whilst spending some quality time with your new baby and it is a fantastic low-impact way to get fit, enjoy the fresh air and travel further than you could on foot alone When it comes to riding with baby there are really only two choices - either a baby bicycle carrier or a trailer. It's probably more dangerous - since you're concentrating on whats going on behind you - rather than watching where you're going. You have to wonder why they're not pedaling their own bicycle by this time, since this is the approximate weight of a six year old! * Front-Mounted - Such manufacturers as iBert, BoBike and others, these tend to attach by a single point to front of the bicycle... * Center-Mounted - Only one brands known to exist - WeeRide.. With a baby behind you, your balance is off, out-of-sight you're unable to react to any sudden movement. . You can buy 3 types of carrier; The very common rear-fixed seat, a front-fixed seat, usual in Europe, and, the newest, a center-fixed seat. So please before you buy a rear-fixed carrier - think long and hard about whether all you want to do is transport your child from A-B with all the issues above - or do you want to enjoy riding with your child and interact, participate. The only advantage, other than cost, that a rear-fixed carrier may have is that it can transport a bigger kid, often up to 22Kilos or more. This type of carrier will also attach to a dual-suspension or disc-brake bicycle. Our toddler can see where she's going, we can keep an eye on her, our balance is better, we can get off simply and best of all - there's the added advantages. Front-fixed bicycle carriers puts your baby in front of you, encouraging interaction, engaing your baby in the ride, reducing distractions to the rider, however with all the weight attached at the front-wheel also makes steering trickier and generally restricts maximum weight carryable to 15 kilos (~3 years old). This attaches in two points - at the handlebars and also at the seat post, improving on the pure front-fixed solution by spreading the weight more evenly, whilst still having all the advantages of a front fixed carrier.. Balance is wrong, interaction with your baby doesn't exist, carrying additional items in a rucksack etc is very difficult. Fitting a rear-fixed seat to a bicycle with disc-brakes can be impossible at worst and time-consuming and expensive at best and fitting a rear-fixed carrier to a bicycle with dual-suspension is often impossible. And worst of all - in an accident - you can't protect them, can't put your arms around them! So we returned it and purchased a center mounted WeeRide baby bicycle carrier - all of these problems are fixed. After using a trailer a couple of times we found it's size and clumsiness restricted our biking to the widest of bicycle paths, the distance of our baby from us made us uneasy and also prevented interaction. After riding with it once on our bikes, my partner told me she'd never ride with our daughter again in a rear mounted seat. These carriers really belong in the last century and it amazes me that mums & dads still buy them, other than they tend to be cheaper. Our daughters nose was running, she'd unzipped her jacket and kicked off her shoes - and all this out-of-sight behind us.

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