A Recreation Tool for young people

30. may 2018 at 11:32 | escooter
In a way, it has broken away from the concept of bicycle. Diameter of its wheel is only 6 inches. So it is called A-bike. It has become a recreation tool for young people. The smallest folding bicycle in the world The smallest folding bicycle in the world A-bike only weighs 5. Some folding bicycles can be used for long trips. There is even a folding bike with two seats. In the society pursuing efficiency, you can enjoy yourself riding bicycle slowly. It is a unique and convenient vehicle, especially for short trips. They can be taken onto bus, into subway and train. DAHON is a famous brand of folding bicycle.com . Folding bicycle is a cool and fashionable vehicle. You can ride this bicycle with a speed of 24 kilometers per hour. It is easy to carry with when you take bus or subway. Some people are not used to its small wheels and low speed. When it is unfolded, it looks like the letter A. They are from 12 inch to 26 inch long, and 16-inch bicycle and 20-inch bicycle are the commonest types. They weigh from 8. When you go out for a trip, you can also put it into your package.madeinchina. You can fold or unfold them in 10 minutes. It is more interesting that you can ride A-bike comfortably however tall you are, because its height can be adjusted. Such a little thing can bear things of 120 kilometers. You can take it everywhere. Choose one for yourself. It is only 0. It will enter every aspect of your life. Enjoy your bicycle trip! Article Source: http://www. Made in China offers different kinds of folding bicycles You can find many different types of folding bicycles from Made in China, such as the classical A-bike, folding electric bike and mini folding bike.03 cubic meters in volume after it is folded. It is also a good body-building tool. If you drive out, you can put it into your boot. After the craze of Bicycle Motocross, folding bicycle comes into fashion. It is just as big as a medium traveling bag. If you want to get to the bus stop or railway station 1 or 2 km from your house easily, a folding bicycle can fit your bill.6 kg, equal to the weight of 2 notebook PCs.Folding bicycle is popular in big cities recently. However, slow riding is safe.5kg to 15kg, much lighter than common bicycles. You can take it in your hands. Advantages of folding bicycle You can fold it up and Electric Motorcycles Factory put it into a bag. And a Chinese folding bicycle from made in china only costs around 600 RMB. What is folding bicycle? Folding bicycle is bicycle that can be folded up. Nowadays they are also used for entertainment in the park. Therefore, you don't have to worry that your bike will be stolen.

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